Bldg 1628 Colorado Ave.

Food Service Officer,
Mr. Honre Batie

Hours of Operation
Breakfast 0530-0800
Carry Out 0800-0900
Lunch 1100-1300
Carry Out 1300-1430
Dinner 1600-1800
*Carry Out 1800-1930 *Except during Monday Night Football
Monday Night Football 2000-2200
Midnight Meal 2300-0030

Weekends & Holidays
Brunch 0700-1200
Holiday Meal 1000-1200
Supper 1430-1730
Carry Out 1800-2100
Midnight Meal 2300-0030

Freedom Hall Dining Facility

Freedom Hall Dining Facility is dedicated to serving the best food in JBA. Freedom Hall offers a balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, pasta, breads, and top quality meats. The staff is dedicated to serving you the finest food available in the quickest, most efficient manner possible.

Freedom Hall Dining Facility Dining Menu

Better Foods. Better Bodies.

Go for Green.

Nutrition Fact Sheet

* Indicates meals are open to all active duty, dependents, retired military, reservists, guard members and DoD civilians.

Meals subject to change due to availability of food items, special event or holiday.



Enlisted Birthday Meals

Every quarterly we offer our Active Duty and Reservist service members (E6 and below) assigned to Joint Base Andrews and one guest a special birthday meal.

The FREE sit-down meal will be served by your Senior Leadership. There will also be a raffle drawing where lucky birthday members will win cool prizes...

Reservations will be required.

Authorized Users

Please refer to AFI 34-239, attachment 2, for a listing of personnel authorized to eat in APF dining facilities and the memorandum for Joint Base Andrews personnel authorized use of Freedom Hall Dining Facility.

In-Flight Kitchen Box Order Form

Box Meal Order Form


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