Base Pool & Splash Park


1353 Arkansas Rd. 

Joint Base Andrews, Maryland 





Hours of Operation

Memorial Day (First Day) to Labor Day (Last Day)

Hours of operation varies according to PG County School System


ICE Comment


The facility includes a 25 meter 6 lane pool, wading pool, and Splash Park. The Splash Park is a zero depth entry to make access to our fun spouts and buckets of water making it easy for our littlest swimmer. The 25M Pool is the perfect place to swim laps or play games with your friends and is equipped with diving board which provides endless fun for kids and adults alike.


In addition to recreational swimming we offer Swim Lessons, Scuba Classes, Lap Swim, Holiday parties, and Movie nights. Your aquatic exercise and education opportunities are endless at the Joint Base Andrews pool.


We also offer both private and splash parties. Make your next event a splash and throw a pool party with us! With so much to do your attendees will never be bored. Pool Parties are light on the wallet, but heavy on the fun!

Private Pool Parties

The base pool is available for private reservations. More lifeguards will be added depending on the number of people you plan to attend the function. Includes BBQ grill area. Reservations must be made at ODR.


User Fee
Pool $100
Splash Park $100
Pool & Splash Park $200
Lifeguards (2 minimum) $25 each/hour


Fill out the completed Reservation Form and submit it to ODR, Bldg 1235 Menoher Drive.

Room Reservation

Room Fee admission fees apply
1-25 people $50
25-50 people $75

Table Reservations

Reserve a table under our pavilion area, located next to the Splash Park. Reservations must be made at ODR.


Table Use Fee admission fees apply
Price per table $8 per hour


Fill out the completed Reservation Form and submit it to ODR, Bldg 1235 Menoher Drive.

Pool Rules & Regulations

Children 10 years of age and under must be accompanied with an adult 18 years or older. Children 11-13 can stay unattended after passing a swim test- a Green Band must be achieved. Children 14 and older can be left at the pool without an adult.


All personnel must show a valid DoD ID card for admittance. Each adult ID card holder is authorized ten guests per ID card.


Children who are not  toilet trained must wear a swim diaper and a covering that has elastic around the waist and legs while in the pool.


Horseplay, running, loud shouting and profanity are not permitted in the dressing rooms, showers, or pool area.


Persons entering pool must be in conservative swim attire. No Cut offs, thong bikinis, or denim material.


All persons entering the pool must shower  with soap and warm water.


Smoking, gum, glass containers, and pets (except seeing eye dogs) are not allowed anywhere in the pool area.


Food and drinks, with the exception of water, are not allowed on the pool deck.


Flotation devices and toys are not allowed. Only US Coast Guard approved life jackets are allowed.


Lap lanes are for lap swimming only.
Use of diving board is limited to one person on the board at a time.


Diving will be straight ahead with exit directly to ladder on same side of board. Diving is allowed only in the diving well.


Persons with colds, bandages, open sores and/or lesions, infectious or communicable diseases will not be admitted to the pool.


Do not spit in pool, gutters, or pool areas.


Persons are responsible for their own property.
Conversations with lifeguards on duty will be limited to official business.


Pool will be evacuated at the discretion of the Lifeguard in charge in the event of lightning, accident, bad water readings, or as necessary.


Lifeguards will clear all children under 18 years old for fifteen minutes each hour for adult swim.


Alcohol is not allowed in the pool area. Intoxicated individuals will not be allowed in the facility.


The following actions are prohibited in the pool area:

-Running on the pool deck
-Running dives and running jumps 
-Flips or Back Dives 
-Hanging on stairs or ladders
-Swimming in the diving areas
-The use of profanity and/or the use of obscene gestures 
- No loitering or horseplay in the locker room at any time. 
-Competitive breath holding or prolonged underwater swimming is strictly prohibited.
- Inward dives, handstands, headstands and/or cartwheels from the diving boards or the side of the pool. 
- No standing or sitting on shoulders


Lifeguards’ instructions will be adhered to or person will leave pool


Management reserves the right to deny use of the pool to anyone.

Swim tests

All children thirteen (13) years of age and younger are required to take a swim test.  The swim test consists of swimming one length of the pool without stopping or standing, must tread water for one (1) minute and pull themselves from the water without using the pool ladder. Wristbands will be issued to those who have taken the test.


Red Wristband: indicates a non-swimmer.  Non-swimmers are required to wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) and are restricted to the shallow end of the pool at all times. Red wristbands must be at arm’s length of an adult 18 and older at ALL times.


Yellow Wristband: indicates a medium swimmer.  A medium swimmer is not required to wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD); however, they are restricted to the shallow end of the pool at all times. 


Green Wristband: indicates a strong swimmer.  A strong
swimmer is allowed to swim anywhere in the pool.

Wading Pool

The Wading Pool  is restricted to children five (5) years of age and younger.  Parent/Guardian must supervise their children at all times.  This is an unguarded area.

Splash Park

The Splash Park is restricted to children ten (10) years of age and younger.  Climbing on structures is prohibited.  Children must be supervised by an adult at ALL times.


Facility Closures

Inclement weather is defined as follows:


- Rainfall or forecasted prolonged rainfall.


- Actual ambient air temperatures less than 68 degrees.

Lightning and Thunder - upon sighting of lightning, pool will be closed immediately and will remain closed for one hour after the last visual sighting of lightning, upon the sound of thunder, pool will be closed immediately and will remain closed for 45 minutes after the last sound of thunder.


If the pool has not opened by 4:00 PM due to inclement weather, the facility will remain closed, regardless of weather conditions, until the next scheduled day of operation. In the event of inclement weather that arrives after 5:00 PM, the pool shall be closed for the remainder of the evening.


Should there be vomit, human feces, animal feces, or deceased animals introduced into the pool water, the pool will be closed for maintenance and super-chlorination. In certain cases, the pool will be closed for the remainder of the day.