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The Force Management Section is responsible for Awards and DecorationsDuty Information Updates, Classifications, Evaluations, G-Series Orders, and Adverse Actions.




If you qualify for an award or decoration, a source document is required for MilPDS update.  Members must submit one of the following forms of source documentation to in order to update your records:

  • Completed Decoration

  • Travel Orders showing proof of ribbon qualification

  • Travel Voucher showing proof of ribbon qualification

  • Training Report/Evaluation showing proof of ribbon qualification


NOTE:  Some higher level awards or decorations might require additional documentation.


To see a list of all ribbons and decorations, visit myPERS Ribbons and Decorations List.

Unit awards are granted to military units that distinguish themselves during peacetime or in action against hostile forces or an armed enemy of the United States. These awards are only bestowed on units to recognize acts or services that place the unit's performance significantly above that of other units of similar composition and mission responsibility. The Air Force only grants one award for the same act, achievement, or service. Ensure only 10 percent of similar units assigned to their command are recommended annually.  Units can also receive specific awards like the Presidential Unit Citation, Joint Meritorious Unit Award, and other sister service unit awards. These awards are governed by DoD 1348.33-M, Manual of Military Decorations and Awards.


If a member believes a unit they were assigned to earned a unit award, they can visit myPERS Recognition Program Home Page to validate award (website lists unit awards from 1991 – current).  Members must be able to prove they were assigned to unit during timeframe, before MilPDS records can be updated.


To contact the 316 FSS Awards and Decorations section, contact DSN 858-1776, option 3.



NOTE:   ALL duty history updates are made by the member to the Total Force Service Center through their myPERS account.  IAW PSD Guide, Duty History, effective 7 Jan 10, the MPS no longer updates member’s duty history.  To see how to request duty history updates, see the below steps. 



On the main page of the myPERS website:
Click on the "update my duty history"


Once you have read the instructions, 
you may request duty changes to your duty history on the left side.


Scroll down on the web page to see your personal duty history.
You have the option here to change/correct your duty history and/or add/delete duty history.


This allows you to see when you have submitted requested updates and this is where you attach the required supporting documents.



Units must establish duty status procedures for members going TDY.  All Air Force members MUST check-in before and after your TDY with your unit’s orderly room in order for your duty status to be updated. 


Unit POCs must submit duty status updates to the MPS via BLSDM.  To request update of member’s duty status, select “individual form”, then select “request duty status change” and complete all areas in the “duty status change message” area, then click “submit”.


Additional duty status updates that MUST be reported to the MPS are:  AWOL, Confinement, Deserter, Sick-in-Quarters, Not Present for Duty—Other, non-contingency TDY.  To assist unit POCs with duty status procedures, visit the PSD Guide, Duty Status, dtd 20 Jan 12 on myPERS, located at PSD Guide, Duty Status


IAW AFI 36-2406, Officer and Enlisted Evaluations Systems, para completed OPRs and EPRs on EAD personnel are due to the MPF no later than 30 days after close-out.  Unit POCs MUST submit completed evaluation WITH evaluation RIP to the Force Management organizational box at upon completion of report.  Evaluations
that violate AFI 36-2406, PSDM 07-44 or 07-45 and all application guidance will be returned for corrections.

Evaluations Opt out Memo


Supervision Calculator


In order to process G-Series Orders, units must fill out an AF IMT 35 IAW PSD Guide, G-series orders, dtd 20 Oct 11 and send it to the Force Management organizational box at  Units that do not send a draft AF Form 35 with their request will not be processed. 



The Unfavorable Information File (UIF) is an official record of adverse information about an individual. It documents administrative, judicial, or nonjudicial censures concerning the member's performance, responsibility, behavior, etc. The UIF consists of mandatory documents, optional documents (at the commander's discretion), an AF IMT 1058, Unfavorable Information File Actions, and an AF IMT 1137, Unfavorable Information File Summary.


The MPS maintains the UIF (except units that have fully operational CSSs) and all of its documents/contents until the final disposition date; unless early removal of the document or UIF is warranted. Commanders initiate removal action via an AF IMT 1058, or memorandum, and the individual should acknowledge the action.


The Control Roster (CR) is a commander’s rehabilitative tool to establish a 6-month observation period for individuals whose duty performance is substandard, or who fail to meet or maintain Air Force standards of conduct, bearing, and integrity, on or off duty.

NOTE:HQ AFRC or HQ ARPC may establish longer observation periods, not to exceed 12 months, for Reserve personnel if deemed appropriate.