Bldg 1380 California Ave.

Joint Base Andrews, Maryland 




(301) 981-4614


DSN: (301) 858-4614

Fax: (301) 981-7997



*Visit for VQ reservations not related to groups. For all TLF or Business Suite reservations, please call The Presidential Inn directly. For group bookings, please call or email The Presidential Inn.



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Making a Reservation


Military members who are PCS-ing can reserve rooms at any time and stay up to 30 days if space is available. Military members on TDY orders can reserve rooms at any time if space is available.

Space-A reservations for VQ's can be made up to 30 days in advance from May-September and up to 120 days in advance from October-April.


Space-A reservations for TLF's can be made up to 7 days in advance from May-September and up to 30 days in advance from October-April.

Rates Per Night

Visitors' Quarters (VQ's):

$150:  October–September

DV & Business Suites:

$185:  October, March–June, and September

$165:  November–February

$159:  July–August

Temporary Lodging Facilities (TLF's):

$169:  October, March–June, and September

$162:  November–February, and July–August


Pet-Friendly Rooms (additional cost):

+ $10.00/night


For official travelers with a “pre-loaded” controlled spending account travel card, please ensure you contact your unit’s Resources Advisor (RA) to load additional funding on your travel card (if required) prior to your checkout. If you cannot load additional funding prior to departure, please contact the lodging manager.

*ATTENTION: Rooms may be used for a higher priority lodging guests as required by the Joint Base Andrews mission. In the event that this occurs, guests will be referred to off-base hotels; priority one guests will be given a letter of Non-Availability.




Televisions, clock radios, microwaves, coffee makers, and refrigerators are provided in all rooms. The following amenities are also offered in our facilities:

  • AC

  • Ice Machines

  • Free Wi-Fi 

  • Washing Machines and Dryers (for clothes)

  • Hair Dryers

  • Wake-Up Services

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